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Big sunsets come from the Big Island – Aloha!


Hawaiian workouts include all your friends.




Island rain showers mean green plants and lots of flowers.


When it rains while the sun is out, you know it’s short lived. The more it rains the more it’s short lived. Unless you’re living under a dark cloud.

Top visits on Maui. A quick list, links and maps. Aloha

Lahaina Churches 007


Lahaina Jodo Mission
Bamboo Forest

Iao Valley, Hawaii Nature Center

Waihee Ridge

Makahiku Falls and Map

Waimoku Falls

Kapalua Adventure Center and Honolua Ridge





Texting, grammar and rude behavior – a challenge from Hawaii

table textingA favorite blogsite, Better Hawai’i,  recently provided some polite guidelines for those who text. Upon review of the texts that I received the last two weeks, only those from my wife were grammatically correct. Never mind the fact that she’s a secret adviser to the Oxford English Dictionary; only a handful of my texts were readable within the context as suggested by Better Hawai’i. The very moment we abbreviate words to quickly convey a message or utterance, that is the moment we’re distracted by the whole process of texting itself.

Rather than convey clarity – we convey brevity. Terse comments lead to the appearance of rudeness. The youth of today would argue the point. And then again, those are the same people who sit across from one another at dinner time and text rather than talk. Where is the Emily Post of the digital era?


Hawaii beaches: red, black, white, pink(ish), and green.

Green_sand_beach_HawaiiPapakōlea Beach, also known as Green Sand Beach or Mahana Beach, is a green sand beach located near South Point, in the Kaʻū district of the island of Hawaiʻi. One of only four green sand beaches in the World, the others being Talofofo Beach, Guam, Punta Cormorant on Floreana Island in the Galapagos Islands, and Hornindalsvatnet, Norway. It gets its distinctive coloring from the mineral olivine, found in the enclosing cinder cone.

olivineandlavaThe cinder cone is rich in olivine, a silicate mineral containing iron and magnesium, also known as peridot when of gem quality. Olivine is a common mineral component of Hawaiian lavas and one of the first crystals to form as magma cools. Olivine is locally known as “Hawaiian Diamond” and is notably found in Oʻahu’s famous Diamond Head landmark.

POG – official drink of Hawaii


POG is a tropical style juice drink created in 1971 by a food product consultant named Mary Soon who worked for Haleakala Dairy on Maui, Hawaii that consists of a blend of juices from passion fruit, orange, and guava fruits (hence the P.O.G.). POG is currently produced by Meadow Gold Dairy, a subsidiary of Dean Foods. Several companies produce a version of POG (such as Hawaiian Sun), as do resorts, travelers and anyone making fruity drinks at the end of the day.

Options to make it an all-natural Hawaiian POG drink

BEST POG – Obtain fresh ingredients

  • 2 Fresh Pineapple Rings – Cut Thickly, or  the Juice from 1 Passion Fruit
  • 1 Fresh Orange – Peeled
  • 1 Fresh Guava (skinned or whole)
  • 2-3 Cups Ice
Backup POG – All-natural ingredients
  • 1 Cup Natural Passion Fruit Nectar
  • 1/2 Cup Natural Orange Juice
  • 1 Cup Natural Guava Fruit Nectar
  • 2-3 Cups Ice


The McDonald’s of Haleiwa is located at 66-457 Kamehameha Hwy Haleiwa, HI 96712

First – find O’ahu. Then go to the North Shore. Go left at the sign that reads, “Hale’iwa.” mcdLook for the McDonald’s sign that isn’t a McDonald’s sign. Try the Spam McMuffin – it’s uber-tasty.

Maui’s coconut palms overhead – and overheard

VG8A5875Found throughout the tropic and subtropic area, the coconut is known for its great versatility as seen in the many domestic, commercial, and industrial uses of its different parts. Coconuts are part of the daily diets of many people. Coconuts are different from any other fruits because they contain a large quantity of “water” and when immature they are known as tender-nuts or jelly-nuts and may be harvested for drinking. When mature, they still contain some water and can be used as seednuts or processed to give oil from the kernel, charcoal from the hard shell and coir from the fibrous husk. The endosperm is initially in its nuclear phase suspended within the coconut water. As development continues, cellular layers of endosperm deposit along the walls of the coconut, becoming the edible coconut “flesh”.

c2o-coconut-waterWhen dried, the coconut flesh is called copra. The oil and milk derived from it are commonly used in cooking and frying; coconut oil is also widely used in soaps and cosmetics. The clear liquid coconut water within is a refreshing drink. My personal favorite is C2O. Aloha.

Palms of Maui and Hana Palms Retreat

palmsetHana Gardenland is 3.5 miles from Hana Town, and is a lush paradise retreat blessed by rainfall, sunshine and cool breezes with over 5 acres of meandering pathways through palm trees, tropical gardens, flowers and jungle. We’ve visited Hana Gardenland but not stayed there. Within the estate are two residences, the Garden House (which has two complete residential units) and the Palms House. These homes are perfect vacation rentals, surrounded by the beauty and serenity of lush, tropical, botanical gardens. Hana Gardenland is a perfect model for eco-tourism, where guests and visitors can roam the botanical gardens and learn about plants thriving in the Hana Maui ecosystem, enjoying tropical fruit in season along the way. Aloha!

Maui’s red dirt keeps you digging for more.

sunny_red_dirtReturn from Maui and you’re sure to remember red dirt. It’s ever present. Add a little water and voila, you have red mud. Either way, you’ll be reminded long after you leave. For some reason, washing with soap and water ‘sorta’ works. Scrub a dub on the hands and feet and you’ll remove most of it, but not all of it. Rub a little red dirt on your clothing and you’ll be presented with a new challenge.

Ok – enough about the difficulties of red dirt removal.

When hiking back country of Hawai’i, I look forward to long hikes along red dirt roads. I love the smell, the color and contrast it creates with anything nearby.

Red dirt speaks aloha.

Hidden Lahaina isn’t so difficult to find. Just look for it.

LahainaJust off Front Street, Lahaina comes to life. Not the kind of life found on the street … I’m talking about spots that are void of the congestion and foot traffic. I found the other side of Lahaina seeking refuge from the grunge, overdone retail, stench, street hecklers, etc. etc. Not that some of those things can’t be interesting. To me, Lahaina needs some pressure washing and Frebreze. Hidden Lahaina is closer to the water behind the buildings lining Front Street. Luckily I cam equipped with a camera.

Awa`awapuhi hiking: tough hike – great views. Worth the adventure.

KauaiFound in Koke`e State Park this trail winds through a highland forest with occasional ridge top views. It’s all downhill. Let me reiterate … all down hill means all uphill on the return trip. The day I hiked this trail, I carried a 100oz of water, a Canon 7D, tripod, Sony PCM50, etc. a point and shoot Canon with a few other goodies. At 25lbs, the trip became a real workout.

Take the trail outward (toward the end) to the grassy point overlooking the sheer cliffs of Awa`awapuhi and Nualolo valleys resting 2,000 feet below. The option to connect to the Nualolo trail should be taken only by those prepared for a hike over 9 miles long (one-way). Remember there is no water available nor facilities – be prepared.

The mountains of east Moloka’i – the Kamakou Preserve – can be clearly seen early in the day.

Moloka'i_morning_clearThe nearly 2,774-acre Kamakou Preserve on the slopes Kamakou, the island’s highest mountain, is striking when viewed from Maui.  Before you venture, plan ahead because the weather can and will affect your visit to the Preserve. When there, you can see more than 250 rare Hawaiian plants, 219 of which can be found nowhere else in the world, hear the song of the olomao, or what is called the Molokai thrush, and the kawawahie – commonly called the “Molokai creeper.” Both of these birds are near extinction. The best hike is along the three-mile (round-trip) narrow Kamakou boardwalk that takes you through unspoiled rain forest. The Nature Conservancy offers a monthly tour of this unique preserve, which is unlike any other on earth.

Maui – early morning – the calm before the beach is active.

Blue_Pacific_Lana'iEarly morning beach time is really special on Maui. Most tourists avoid early bird beach adventure. And the ones that show up are quietly enjoying a morning walk, run or combing. Seeking a ‘no foot prints in the sand’ photo can be challenging on all Hawaiian islands — so arrive early. It’s the calm before crowds get crazy loud at the beach.

September ONE and it’s all about Pooter.

DA_PooterThe sweetheart of my life is my loving wife – Pooter. Not her real name – but the name I use so often that it might as well be her name. “Pooter” … “Sweeeetee.” Back and forth it goes and the only thing that matters is we’re just a few miles away from where we were married. As the new site takes off, I’m hopeful it will sweeten with age. Aloha.


One last look across the Pailolo channel.

MAUI Moloka'i


“Just another post” about the Pacific

Pacific blue


Outta place on the cliff by the ocean looking toward Moloka’i … is that a song?



Looking upward from 1,500′ toward the peak of Haleakala at 10,053′; open up the image to 1800 pixels



Sweeping views above the windmills – Maui



The view looking toward Kaho’olawe from Kihei

red sand beach


Zig zag roadway zagway



A dusty trail leads to an infinity pool we call the Pacific



No bike Hawai’i and we’re biking anyway



Sun over Maui – what a view



Lahaina Trail – Maui

Trail access


The Lahaina Pali Trail – Maui

Lahaina Pali Trail


Another sign of our times – aloha

Sign of our times


Cloudy here – sunny there. Raining here – no vog there. When are we leaving?



Sunsetting along the Kona coastline – Big Island aloha



Big Island split lava rock from a lot of heat; probably was sunny!



Sand at your feet and a Pacific ocean view – alohaahhhh



South end of the Kona coast – Big Island



Puffie yellow flowers – they look like wax



Hedychium coronarium near our home on the Big Island



Pink flowers from Kona – Keauhou



Trails made for exploring and quickly moving from beach to beach



Another sunset with aloha



Surf and lava – along the shoreline – Big Island



Looking to the south end of the Kona coast



Sunny, dry and we’re getting wet again. I think Death Valley is calling me.



Raw Kona surf and it’s my Island – rain or shine



Life church – Kona, Big Island



Early morning surf just off Ali’i Drive – Kona.



Big Island – Kona coast



Back road hiking near the Pacific – taking you as far as you want to go.



Big sun from the Big Island.



Awesome sunset over the Pacific – Big Island style.



Signs of the times – but I’m not making fun because I misspell words I shouldn’t misspell.