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Ever wonder why there is so much T2 diabetes in America?


Tattoos by the numbers.

This is my 1,000th post on the PhotoMotoBlog.

More than 574,480 unique visitors have been to this site since its inception.

The weekly average the past four months has been in excess of 14,000 unique visitor per week.

My busiest day was February 17th, 2010 with 2,359 unique visitors.

Folks logging on my site originate from 37 different countries and the Hawaiian Islands.

Google is used to translate my site into 12 different languages.

I’ve logged more than 400 hours creating the site.

There are 2,535 images contained in this weblog.

Interestingly, it uses just a ½ MB of space.

The masthead has changed more than 100 times.

The posting rules have been broken once; that person didn’t break the rules again.

My blog site ‘encouraged’ management to create a ‘blog posting policy’ within my company.

This site has spun off into 22 other weblogs that I’ve created; the unique visitor totals for all sites is greater than 4,000,000.

I’ve been repeatedly asked to monetize several of my sites (no ads please).

The best part is that I really don’t care what anyone thinks about the content, the images nor the layout.

Somehow I’ve managed to connect with people whom I don’t know … for those folks …  mahalo nui loa!

Thank-you for logging onto my site.


Morgan time is on its way.

random-55The standard answer:
If alcohol causes
a problem,
then alcohol
is a problem.

Ginger, Orange and such. Juicy Ginger Ale (another mix that has a punch).


Third on my list of favorite drink mixes: Juicy Ginger Ale. 1″ piece of ginger root, 1/2 cantaloupe peeled, 1/2 pint of strawberries, and 1 orange peeled. If you add some sparkling water to the mix, it will zip a little louder in your mouth. When juicing, make sure to save the pulp and cook with it. It’s highly nutritious when combined in with a brand muffin. Mix on.