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Bike (track) porn. Careful.


Bike something.

Bike porn for the masses – just randomness.

More bike porn. Random September.

Bike Porn September. Yep, it’s just random.

Cyclists … eliminating dogs one county at a time.

Bike porn for those who love the shifter on the downtube.

Bike Porn: look at those legs!

Is it me or does this road look steep?

Go Tour go. Viva le Tour!

Tour de June. The eve of what some say is the best Tour ever. We’ll see.

Tour de June: track bikes have NOTHING to do with “The Tour” but neither does June. Well, except that it begins in TWO days. Viva le Tour!

Tour de June: the Giro wasn’t long ago. And for most of us, the cold weather could move south 4-ev.

Tour de June – is it just me or does going downhill without leather sound crazy?

Tour de June: poser.

Tour de June: what’s not love in this image?

Tour de June: club cyclists lack the funds for copter coverage.

Tour de June: I didn’t take the photo but I bought the album.

Tour de June: sadly, a club cyclist will never know the suffering that accompanies a real Tour.

Tour de June and the tats of cycling. Yes, tats and two wheels roll nicely together.

Tour de June and a track bike with some roots. And color.

Tour de June and the snows of the Giro. Yep, it melts s l o w l y.

Tour de June: (the equipment never makes a difference. Right ; )

Tour de June celebrates an early Christmas atop a mountain – somewhere.

Tour de June – and I’m looking for a sweet frame for my collection. This would work nicely.

Tour de June – “WWED?” From what I’ve read, he’d mash big gears until sundown.

Tour de June – the idea of switching wheels is so colorful.

Tour de June – and when we say, “in the drops,” this time we mean it.

Tour de June – mascots of the tour.

Tour de June – someone left their bike in one spot waaay tooo long.

Tour de June – and the one thing riders dislike more than cars.

Tour de June – and the concept of having a backup. It’s perfectly normal to have triple backups.

Tour de June – and the decal of the moment.

Tour de June – and a view that many of us will never see except on TV.

Tour de June – and it IS true that cyclists attract the ladies. I’m just sayin’.

Bike porn: ride of the day

Why I ride: Because the view from the top is much better.

Bike Porn Series – getting caught up. In the chain flap.

Tour de June and the build up toward “The Tour.”

Tour de June – a month-long series of bike porn. It’s a lifestyle.

Bike Porn: Think Speed.

Why I ride – – because the views are ‘killa.’

Why I ride – – because the road always climbs somewhere special in East Tennessee.

Why I ride – – because bikes like these are made for speed.

Bike Porn. “Look, it’s bike porn!”

Bike Porn: dots from the climber – in a single gear.

Bike Porn: it’s raked, sleek and moving when still.

Bike Porn from the Green Hornet. Well, when he was a youngster.

Nothing like some bike porn to warm up the weekend. Bianchi and Cinelli together again.

Just a bike ride, huh? Right. And the Alps are just hills.

Bike Porn: thick slicks and such. Pacific Single Speed.

Bike Porn: this is inked and shown. Very nice.

Bike Porn: the Cervelo has wings.

Bike Porn: from the Radio Shack ranks. It’s a jet on two wheels.

Bike Porn: from the pro ranks. Bicycle pros that is.

Bike Porn: life is an adventure on two wheels.

Ok. I’ve been super busy. So busy that my site has been in a holding pattern. The control tower was awake, but the pattern was full Ghost Rider. As you flick back over the last nine days you’ll notice a different type of pattern. Bike love – or what I call “Bike Porn.” Yes, it’s a proper noun. If these beauties don’t make your heart flutter, you are obviously not getting enough exercise. Note to self, get more time on the saddle. Ok then. Ride oneth.

Bike Porn: full view of Cherubim.

Bike Porn: pinky Alchemy. Single speed and sweet.

Bike Porn: simple single speed.

Bike Porn: check out the down tube on this baby.

Bike Porn: Black on black on black. Triple black and badass.

Bike Porn: Sachs Track is a nice rack.

Bike Porn: the Black Sheep Townie.

Bike Porn: 29er’s rock. Especially Crumpton.

Bike Porn: The love triangle.

Bike Porn: the yellow brick road was very fast.

Bike Porn: carbon copies only require lots of Bens.

Bike Porn: write me a carbon check please.

Bike Porn: more sick carbon-ness.

Bike Porn: give this thing a speeding ticket.

Bike Porn: carbon sickness. Really this is crazy.

Bike Porn. Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking ’bout.

Ze Orca. The newest bike coming to my stable – very soon.

It’s the official bicycle of the world-class Euskaltel-Euskadi professional cycling team. Climbers did you say? The new oversized BB30 bottom bracket shell is bullet proof. I do hope the ‘noise’ from my current Orbea isn’t repeated with the new ride. I’ve kept my ear to the grind and most bike aficionados attribute Orbea’s commitment to constant improvement as a translation of rider demands.

Did someone say the Pyrénées? As if a mountain range that rises to almost 11,400′ … that forms a natural barrier between the Iberian peninsula and France … is something to climb?

Ok. Ok. Back to the Orbea. It’s stable, light and developed to meet Pro Tour demands. I’m not on the Pro Tour but it’s fun thinking about riding in the Pro Tour when on the Foothills Parkway (ha). Enough already. Soon – very soon.

Bike Porn. For love of the bike.

Where was this kind of bike when I was a kid?

Bike Porn Saturday. It’s so hot, it’s rated R1. Scott Addict – soon to be in a garage in Maryville, Tennessee

Bike Porn for Hello Kitty. Shhh! This is a G-Rate weblog.

Friday’s were meant for ridin’ … and 110 miles later I was very tired. Nothing but images today folks – proof that even when tired, you can muster up a smile for the camera.

Tattoos by the numbers.

This is my 1,000th post on the PhotoMotoBlog.

More than 574,480 unique visitors have been to this site since its inception.

The weekly average the past four months has been in excess of 14,000 unique visitor per week.

My busiest day was February 17th, 2010 with 2,359 unique visitors.

Folks logging on my site originate from 37 different countries and the Hawaiian Islands.

Google is used to translate my site into 12 different languages.

I’ve logged more than 400 hours creating the site.

There are 2,535 images contained in this weblog.

Interestingly, it uses just a ½ MB of space.

The masthead has changed more than 100 times.

The posting rules have been broken once; that person didn’t break the rules again.

My blog site ‘encouraged’ management to create a ‘blog posting policy’ within my company.

This site has spun off into 22 other weblogs that I’ve created; the unique visitor totals for all sites is greater than 4,000,000.

I’ve been repeatedly asked to monetize several of my sites (no ads please).

The best part is that I really don’t care what anyone thinks about the content, the images nor the layout.

Somehow I’ve managed to connect with people whom I don’t know … for those folks …  mahalo nui loa!

Thank-you for logging onto my site.


WARNING: Bike PORN – No suitable for children.

It’s here – at last. Bike PORN Friday’s. Looking ahead the theme for Friday is Bike PORN. What is Bike PORN? Well, it’s an “affinitas” for bike related bling to include bike gear, threads, trick-gadgets, cuties at races, and certainly bikes. Just go with the header and you’ve got the news – today is a “Bike PORN” day. Enjoy.