An 808 way of life

Spheres of control – determination as the driver

say-my-nameNarcissists can be huge performers in their careers because their inflated sense of self-importance drives them onward and upward. The sense of determination to prove to the world they are indeed important is ever present. In their wake is an interpersonal explosion stemming from the exploitation of others. The wave extends higher based on the belief that they are  “special” and unique. Naturally then “they” can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people. Sound familiar?

The world is their audience, and everyone they meet—and everything that happens—is centered on them. If Target had a spokesperson – it would be him.

They are drawn to careers that allow them to receive the attention and power they crave, and to exert influence over others, reinforcing their perceived self-importance. Unfortunately, the same holds true for the psychopath. When in a position of authority, now determined more than ever, “he” becomes a dictator, obsessed with control and power, incensed when someone fails to carry out his instructions to the letter.

Determination, as a variation of a person’s will to live, is what drove Walter White to death — in a literal sense. Can we learn from what we observed? Does life beyond the digital bandland exist?


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