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The mountains of east Moloka’i – the Kamakou Preserve – can be clearly seen early in the day.

Moloka'i_morning_clearThe nearly 2,774-acre Kamakou Preserve on the slopes Kamakou, the island’s highest mountain, is striking when viewed from Maui.  Before you venture, plan ahead because the weather can and will affect your visit to the Preserve. When there, you can see more than 250 rare Hawaiian plants, 219 of which can be found nowhere else in the world, hear the song of the olomao, or what is called the Molokai thrush, and the kawawahie – commonly called the “Molokai creeper.” Both of these birds are near extinction. The best hike is along the three-mile (round-trip) narrow Kamakou boardwalk that takes you through unspoiled rain forest. The Nature Conservancy offers a monthly tour of this unique preserve, which is unlike any other on earth.


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