An 808 way of life

New site, new way – the only path on the 808.

noho 'ainaSince its inception in ’07, this site has evolved and grown. Over the past “few thousand posts,” I’ve saturated this digital footprint with kama’ãina motion. As a “PhotoMotoBlog” the site jumped around like a cricket never landing on one spot for very long. Even with millions of unique visitors, the site needed a new life or a way of life – and so Noho ‘ana was born. To the casual observer the site is photo-rich but the trained eye sees a layered look at the 808. Among the 2,500+ posts sits a media library jungle with more than 4,000 images – 85% of which are owned by David Avery Photography™.

Noho ‘ana is a kama’ãina view of the 808. Yes, I said it, a kama’ãina view. You don’t have to live local to be local. Surf808.


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