An 808 way of life

Go there in the mind. Go there in the body.

Someone asked me this week, “when are you moving to Hawai’i.” My response, “I moved there two years ago.” The quizzical look in response made me laugh with happiness.

Long before you do something, like moving, you go there in the mind. Go there in the mind, you go there in the body. Factually stated, if you can live the experience before you actualize it, then the richness of the experience is heightened. This might sound like a heady day trip, but it is in fact a truthful reality for those that understand the power of visualization. Visualization is about experiencing in the mind the experience.

Last week after stepping out of the shower, I looked around the bathroom with a different lens. The lens was reflecting back what I was thinking, “when did I move to Hawai’i?” I noticed the photos on the wall from various islands, a framed painting of “old” Hawai’i, the watercolor images by the bathtub and the music — all of which were distinctly Hawaiian. My laughter was loud enough that I expected my wife to come in and ask me about it. She obviously didn’t hear me, and that’s ok, I just know that for the remainder of the day I thought about where I live. And it ain’t in Maryville, Tennessee.

Getting there is easy: I listen for the ocean, for doves, and of the sound of the Acaia trees rubbing against one another as the wind moves their branches near the shoreline. I can hear my wife laugh as the bak-bak walk by. I smell the plumeria, the spray from the Pacific, and ahi tuna after it’s been grilled. The texture of green sand is soft and coarse against my feet, and the lava rock sharp and hot against my hands. The colors are vibrant – from the red dirt that coats the Jeep to the redness of the hibiscus. All of this is powerful. All of the imagery, sounds, smells, texture – evoke a sense of being in the space.

Go there in the mind. You go there in the body.


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