An 808 way of life

The mower stopped. The AC needed a boost. I cut my hand.

Thank goodness it’s all toothpaste.

When we stop and think about things going wrong in our lives – and then consider the good we most certainly can appreciate the blessings we enjoy.

Most of us have shelter – and in many cases beyond just shelter. Yet, some folks will pine for the neighbors crib – or the crib of some MTV star of the day. Many folks (global warmers included) have a means of transportation but folks on average want what they don’t have – something that’s ‘better.’  IS there a better?

When we stop and count our blessings, our blessings multiply. When we maintain a state of gratitude, our blessings grow. When we give thanks – we increase the positive energy surrounding our earthly life. Positive energy attracts more positive blessings.

During those moments when the mower begins to blow white smoke (and eventually stops), and you realize you can’t mow the grass … what do you do? Worse – when you’ve got to deal with Sears repair – and then plan for someone else to cut the grass … what do you do? More over, you contemplate the purchase of a new riding mower (serious purchase) and realize it’s taking away from fun purchases … what do you do?

All of those events can contribute to – or derail your positive flow.

When the AC stops blowing cold vibes and needs a boost – you stop and wonder … ‘how did folks live without AC?’  Um. It’s a mind altering experience to consider life in the mode of basics.

Let’s say all of that happens within two hours – and then you cut your hand such that it really needs stitches but you elect to bandage it for the moment.

Can you stay in the state of appreciation grace? From experience, yes. It’s possible.

Mid-afternoon on Saturday I figured out something important. I’ll be ok if the grass is cut by a lawn service – and I’ll survive the purchase of new mower. When the AC gets boosted I’ll write the check and I’ll also admit that the unit needs replacing … someday, and my hand will heal.

I opened a frosty Avery Pale Ale about 6:30 … and for some reason it tasted much better than usual.

Wonder why?


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