An 808 way of life

Foothills Parkway – Time Trial: PR Set

Seconds do count – and usually those seconds add up at the end of a race year.

In 2007 my PR up the first 3 miles of the Parkway was 15:32 (from the National Park sign to the parking area where it levels off). Not bad – but not great.

About a month ago, I decided to try it again. After an 8 mile warm up I attempted a TT run up the 3 mile segment. My time – 14:40 – and for any rider that would be a nice improvement.

Today I decided to try it again … so after an 8 mile warm up, I got on it – but much harder and more consistent even when the pain was most intense. My time – 14:10 – another nice improvement. In fact, dropping a minute/22 in one year is great. It’s proof that hard work pays off – and even more proof that seconds count when you’re lowering TT times, especially hill climb TT’s.

Great PR – nicely done. Ride on.


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