An 808 way of life

Why I ride: Motor-pacing is part of the regimen.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a scooter then you appreciate the added-value a scooter brings to the training plan. Having a scooter isn’t enough – you’ve got to have an able-bodied driver too.

And not just a driver, you need a person who “gets it.” When you find someone, you’re darn lucky. Mine happens to be the BGE.

The premise behind motor-pacing is simple: increased speeds for longer periods of time. It simulates racing and time trialing all in one work session. Our work session yesterday was 75 miles – that included covering the Foothills Parkway and assorted hills coming back along Six Mile Road. At just under 3.5 hours, it was as close to race-pace as I could stomach. The very fact that so much ground is covered in a short amount of time feels good. It opens the day up for other activities.

Get a scooter. Find a driver. Scoot on.


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