An 808 way of life

Why I ride: Because the Equipment is Kewl.

When I look around my garage at multiple bicycles I see kewl stuff. Flashy wheels, carbon fiber, unique forks, unique shocks, interesting lighting systems, more carbon, and slick bags for extra wheel sets. No matter how you ride, you take pride in your gear. It’s root is the bike store – the birth place of all that is kewl with cycling.

When a cyclist enters a bike store we revert back to kid-status and begin drooling at the sights, sounds and smells of new bikes and the gear. A visit to the bike store forges a bond between your need for going further, faster and easier and your wallet. I visit my bike shop, ETO, three or four days per week. Some people call it church, I call it nourishment for the soul.

All it takes is a little plastic explosive called “VISA” and you’re rolling on a new set of ZIPP wheels. Or riding a “Focus” track frameset.  Sometimes it might be as simple as a new set of rubber.  The reasons for riding are endless – and one of which most riders will espouse is “kewl equipment.” Ride. On.

Today’s photos are HOT. Look at the carbon. It spells F-A-S-T. Look at the designs. You might find them in a Victoria Secret catalog one day. Looking …


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