An 808 way of life

The sun set over Hawaii. More people visited the Arizona.


And the day was full of interesting twists of fate, agendas, issues and petty life-crap. At each turn, “life” reminded me of its simple premise: enjoy each day as if it were our last. Yet, I kept making it complex by thinking and re-thinking the days ahead … or years.

Each day most of us who are “alive” contemplate life – and specifically what it’s bringing us for the moment. We act as if “life” depends on the success of each interaction – each decision – each breath. Whatever. Complexity only means stress and with it a shorter view of the inevitable. We’re all going to die – when it’s our time. I subscribe to the philosophy that we had best make EVERY second count.

I’m certain that the men and women who served on the USS Arizona had no inkling that they would perish while harbored on the beautiful island of Oahu. What complex issues were going on within the families that were linked to those serving aboard the Arizona? Think about it. Can you imagine? Each person serving was connected with a family … somewhere … somehow. Each person had issues, dreams, problems, desires. Each had a choice as to how to view “life.”

Crazy as it sounds, I slept better because I realized that today was a gift. The moments I have – now – are the present. Tomorrow is uncertain. The “present” we’re given today had best be enjoyed for what it is — the present — a gift.


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