An 808 way of life


Or this is on its way. Either way, it’s it.

Oh it’s on its way. Yes. When summer is done. We begin the fun.

The bunny has NOTHING to do with Easter.

Tattoos gone wrong. Even when we drink PBR we don’t “ink” about it.

Bike Porn: this is inked and shown. Very nice.

He rolled the dice and the house won. All he got was this lousy tattoo.

Spell check: too cool for ‘scool.’ Is that school-cool?

The start of a new half-sleeve; outlined in 5 hours. It’s a Danny Fugate design.

Flags are us. And we are them. Fly ‘em, don’t ink ‘em.

Adding a few extras to February.

The iron buzzed and this is what it drew. What was he thinking!

Spell check. It does a body good.

Hawaiian tattoos: creative reference when drawing an arm piece.

Polynesian tattoos on the face: don’t move, it will leave a mark.

Hawaiian tattoos should convey clear messages within the design.

This tattoo has a great deal of meaning to me because it inspired my own half-sleeve. I recently searched the image and another blog site was ‘lifting up’ the image. Fair enough. It’s a wonderful design full of distinct messages. Aloha.

Hawaiian tattoos: over-done is over-done.

Hawaiian tattoos and the art of messaging. For the owner the message is distinct.

Hawaiian tattoos: more input for a half-sleeve.

Hawaiian tattoos: simple creations provide the best contrast.

Hawaiian tattoos: it’s time to revisit the best input when going for the second half-sleeve.

Tattoos gone wrong.

Tattoos: sometimes the simple message is expressive.

Tattoos gone wrong: when you’ve run out of skin, use your foot.

Tattoos gone wrong: really, what was he thinking?