An 808 way of life


Bike (track) porn. Careful.

Bike something.

Bike porn for the masses – just randomness.

More bike porn. Random September.

Bike Porn September. Yep, it’s just random.

Cyclists … eliminating dogs one county at a time.

Bike porn for those who love the shifter on the downtube.

Bike Porn: look at those legs!

Is it me or does this road look steep?

Go Tour go. Viva le Tour!

Tour de June. The eve of what some say is the best Tour ever. We’ll see.

Tour de June: track bikes have NOTHING to do with “The Tour” but neither does June. Well, except that it begins in TWO days. Viva le Tour!

Tour de June: the Giro wasn’t long ago. And for most of us, the cold weather could move south 4-ev.

Tour de June – is it just me or does going downhill without leather sound crazy?

Tour de June: poser.

Tour de June: what’s not love in this image?

Tour de June: club cyclists lack the funds for copter coverage.

Tour de June: I didn’t take the photo but I bought the album.

Tour de June: sadly, a club cyclist will never know the suffering that accompanies a real Tour.

Tour de June and the tats of cycling. Yes, tats and two wheels roll nicely together.

Tour de June and a track bike with some roots. And color.

Tour de June and the snows of the Giro. Yep, it melts s l o w l y.

Tour de June: (the equipment never makes a difference. Right ; )

Tour de June celebrates an early Christmas atop a mountain – somewhere.